Bhai big blow to Annapurna Studios image

Bhai starring King Akkineni Nagarjuna has hit a new low for the year among the big films. Till now the biggest disappointment among top heroes of the year was Victory Venkatesh starrer Shadow which released in summer earlier in the year. Now Bhai starring Akkineni Nagarjuna is going to overtake it.

The signs were ominous on the opening day itself when the film failed to attract crowds as expected. The reviews and word of following the morning shows ensured that there were no growth in the coming days and the result is now visible for everyone to see. Among Nagarjuna films Bhai is not even going to cross the collections of Greekuveerudu which released earlier in the year.

But the trade performance of the film is not what has disturbed the fans more, they were kind of prepared for it but the fact that it was produced on their most trusted banner Annapurna Studios by Akkineni Nagarjuna himself is what has disturbed them most. Till now all the films produced on the banner have been some of the best films in the career of the actor and films that the fans were proud of including the banner’s first dud (Rajanna) but Bhai was something that they never expected from their favorite star from the banner. Has Annapurna Studios brand value lost its respect courtesy Bhai? Share your thoughts.