Actor-Sudheer-BabuPresently Sudheer babu is really very happy for the response on the exclusive trailer released to launch the villain of Hindi upcoming film ‘Bhaagi’. He is extremely happy that he is working with one of the big production houses in Bollywood.

He says that the producer , Sajid Nadiadwala’s production house is so big that they dole out 6-7 big films every year with stars like Salman and Hrithik. Hence the production values of their movies are very high. Even the initial pay is very high reveals Mahesh’s brother-in-law.

The working style in Bollywood is quite different. There is no double call-sheet system like in South. Though the shooting begins late, the actors and crew have to work till the end of the day unlike what we do here, changing a call sheet for every 8 hours. In Bollywood, it’s single call-sheet system.

He feels fortunate to be selected and exported to Bollywood, contrary to the craze here, where we look to Bollywood for importing villains and heroines.