As Apoorva Lakhia’s highly awaited film Zanjeer is being shot simultaneously in Hindi & Telugu, the cast and crew of the film are a having a good time making a game of the languages. The truth is that the leading pair of the film Priyanka Chopra and Ram Charan are both lacking in skills of Telugu and Hindi respectively. As such, the crew members are having regular bets regarding which of the actors would slip up with their dialogues.

According to the buzz, both ‘PC & RC’, as they are fondly called, are proving to be of great help to each other having been stuck in a similar situation. Every day after the pack-up of the set, the two actors would spend few hours brushing up their language skills and helping each other with their respective languages.

An insider informs, “Members of the crew have now placed a bet of Rs. 500 on the two actors as to who would forget their dialogues first i.e. Priyanka in Telugu or Ram Charan in Hindi. And at the end of the shoot, winner takes all!”