Better Baahubali: Brilliant Thought for ClimaxNo doubt, ‘Baahubali 2’ is creating a storm at the box-office rewriting many records of the Indian cinema. In spite of the overwhelming response to the visual grandeur, we know that the climax of the second part is a weak and lengthy.

An online user came up with a novel climax that could be more interesting. Introducing the character of Aslam Khan played by Kannada superstar Sudeep in the climax to help Baahubali army would have made for a better climax. The actor known for his shrewd performance would have been the reason for a stronger climax than that we are watching.

The weak climax didn’t do any harm to the movie, whatsoever. Nevertheless, it’s never a bad idea to hope for a better climax to make the film even better. ‘Baahubali’ will remain as a landmark film in the history of the Indian Cinema and with a stronger climax, we would have liked it even more. What say?