Best Change For Radhe Shyam In Last MinuteThaman is the man of the hour. His splendid background scores are playing an instrumental role in the success of all his recent films. Balakrishna’s Akhanda is a prime example of the same.

Now, Thaman has onboarded Prabhas’s Radhe Shyam. He will be composing the background score for the South Indian language versions of the love drama.

While Thaman has been coming up with winning background scores for commercial potboilers, he will be facing a challenge of sorts with Radhe Shyam, given that the film is a proper periodic love drama.

Thaman has been in brilliant form lately and he could be the best possible last minute change for Radhe Shyam. It is essential that love dramas have spotless soundtracks in order to connect with the viewers. And team Radhe Shyam felt Thaman would be the man for the job.

Radhe Shyam will be out in theatres from 14th January 2022.