bengal tiger postponesWill Bengal Tiger go Kick 2 way? All signs so far point towards such a happening. But remember we are talking about the release date rather than the eventual fate.

Latest buzz in the industry is that Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja starrer Bengal Tiger is going to get postponed further by two more weeks. The film will therefore arrive on December 11, instead of the currently announced November 27. The reason for the delay is said to be the same one which made it move from Diwali release in the first place, avoiding competition.

A December 11 release allows a solo as well as record release for a Ravi Teja which could not be possible with November 27 release where it has to share screen space with Size Zero. Kick 2 had postponements this way but that was more due to financial problems. Here no such problems exist but still its going to be delayed. Let’s hope the end results aren’t same after all the delays.