Honey, the naturally occurring golden brown drops of sweetness, can work wonders as something more than just a food delight. Nowadays we hear that honey has substituted sugar in simple day to day things like tea and milk. But that is not all, honey has many other important qualities for instance it can be used as a beautifying agent.

Honey when used in face packs nourishes and softens skin along with its anti-bacterial properties which help revitalizing it and removing blemishes. When used with lemon juice and sugar it can remove unwanted hair from face and helps in achieving flawless skin. The use of honey can also lighten burn marks and scars.

Honey is not just limited to facial beauty, it is also very helpful in achieving shiny and lustrous hair. In order to gain silky and manageable hair it can be as a hair pack along with curd, eggs and lemon juice. On combination with olive oil, the application of honey can add luster to hair.