Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas Repenting His DecisionIt’s like crying over spilt milk that Bellamkonda Sreenivas is now repenting his decision to go with the script of ‘Sita’ against his father’s opinion that Sreenivas must choose the other script narrated by Teja.

During the pre-release interviews, Teja revealed that Bellamkonda Sreenivas liked ‘Sita‘ story but his father Bellamkonda Suresh liked a different script narrated by Teja. Senior Bellamkonda thought that Sreenivas’ character in the script was flawed, and even the story wasn’t intriguing enough.

However, the wish of the hero prevailed and they went ahead with ‘Sita’. ‘Sita’ failed badly at the box-office, and now, the Bellamkonda hero is repenting his decision that he didn’t take his father’s experience into count.

Teja looked quite confident about ‘Sita’, and looks like, Sreenivas was carried away by the director’s confidence rather than by his father’s experience. ‘Sita’ has underperformed in every aspect with very poor reviews from the very opening show.