Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas Creating Big Hype on the Saakshyam StoryBellamkonda Srinivas is around telling how unique is the story of his upcoming movie ‘Saakshyam‘. In fact, he is creating a lot of hype on not himself or the heroine but about the story of the film saying that no Telugu director has struck upon such an idea, so far.

According to the Bellamkonda hero, director Sriwass came up with the story idea as if he wants to prove himself as a director and wants his presence to be known to the industry. The young hero says that being the part of the film fraternity since his childhood he has been many directors and heard stories, but Sriwass has got a unique story, this time.

He said that he was happy that he has got this kind of script in the initial days of his career and audiences will also be as excited as he is about the story of the film. As Srinivas said, maybe Sriwass had this fire in him to prove himself as a director. Let’s see how far Srinivas’ hype will help the movie.