Behind the scenes of Ramayya Vasthavayya!

Enough said and written about NTR’s Ramayya Vasthavayya’s not so good performance at the box office. There are reports about NTR begin disappointment and dismissing some of his office staff. We decided to dig deep in to this issue and this is what we found out. NTR did the movie with out any remuneration but instead partnered with Dil Raju in the movie production. He appointed a person from his staff as his representation in production side so that the costs can be brought in to the books.

It was now said that this person representing NTR got compromised and reportedly shown wrong accounts to Junior. After the movie release, NTR seem to have left with no remuneration or no significant amount as his share from the movie business since the production costs were blown out of proportion. That is the reason why NTR is avoiding any promotional event of the movie.