Beast Hindi Release Turns Big JokeBeast is a film Thalapathy Vijay fans are eagerly looking forward to. The film releases on the 13th of this month and there is a solid buzz for the film in Tamil Nadu.

But that is not the case in other parts of the country as KGF 2 fever has taken over.

Both Beast and KGF 2 release one day apart on the 13th and 14th respectively. The film is also releasing in Hindi but by the way things are going, the Hindi release seems to be just a formality.

The makers did not carry out any promotions in Hindi circuits and a majority of the viewers are not even aware about its Hindi title which is pretty sad for a senior star like Vijay who is just confined to Tamil market.

One can say that beast will most certainly break records in Tamil Nadu but is likely to bomb in north belt as the hero and makers themselves are least bothered about the film. It’s a lesson for Telugu makers who are announcing every film as a pan-India film these days.