With the recent conflicts seen in the industry over the way issues are portrayed in films, it is believed that the censor board is going to come down harder than ever. Recently films like Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu and Denikaina Ready caused a lot of furor in the industry when complaints were made that CGR made negative references to the Telangana movement Denikaina Ready was blamed was project Brahmins in an ill manner.

In light of these events, the scissors of the censor board has gotten sharp, with some basic guidelines directing these cuts. These guidelines include complete no to ample show of cleavage and a cut without any reservations to any reference to any community or religion degrading.

Films like Bus Stop, directed by ‘Ee Rojullo‘ fame Maruthi and starring some new actors and directed by ‘Ee Rojullo’ fame Maruthi has already felt the axe of the censor board by receiving 40 cuts. What follows remain to be seen.