Be Ready to Enjoy Nagarjuna - Samantha Raju Gari Gadhi 2 MastiAfter Sam and Chay tied the knot, Nagarjuna and Samantha have officially become Mama-Kodalu. ‘Raju Gari Gadhi 2‘ is going to be the first movie in their combination. Anchor turned director Omkar is taking pride in the fact that his movie is going to be the new bride’s first release after the wedding.

Ohmkar says the combination scenes between Nagarjuna and Samantha are going to entertain the audiences big time as they are going to feel thrilled to see the real-life Mama-Kodalu after Sam’s marriage though the duo did ‘Manam’ when their family relationship wasn’t confirmed.

Talking about making a small budget movie with a star hero, Ohmkar talked about Nag’s ‘Oopiri’. The movie earned huge acclaim from the critics and audiences alike. However, it didn’t earn profits for the producer as it was made with Rs. 50 crore plus budget, explained Omkar. So, he chose a small budget film so that even the producer feels happy for the returns. Cost effective theory. Right?