BB Non-stop: Ep22: Shree Rapaka Wants Bindu to Be EliminatedAfter getting eliminated from the Bigg Boss house in the first week, Mumaith Khan said that she want Shree Rapaka to get eliminated in the next week and as she predicted, Shree got evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

While talking in the interview with anchor Ravi after her elimination, Shree said that she was like herself in the entire Bigg Boss journey but didn’t understand how she got eliminated.

Shree said that Shravanthi is a diplomatic person and made friends with Akhil and Ashu from the Warriors team and Ajay from the Challengers team. Shree also said that she had a comfort zone with Ashu in the house.

Shree gave the following hashtags to different persons in the Bigg Biss house.

#Like to Teju, Ashu, Nataraj, Shiva, Hamida, Bindu, Akhil, Anil, Sarayu

#Dislike to Shravanthi, Mithra, Ajay, Ariyana.

Shree gave Donkey tag to Nataraj, editing to Shiva, Aparichitudu to Akhil, trash bag to Mithra, punch to Ariyana, mahanati to Shravanthi.

Shree gave mayagadu to Chaitu, brain to Bindu, glue to Sarayu, MrMajnu to Anil, flower to Ashu, backstabber to Teju, exit to Mithra.

Shree predicted that Bindu will get eliminated the next week. The third week in progress and let us see what’s in store for the audience.