BB Non-stop: Ep 76: Non-stop Fun With FamilyBB Non-Stop is one of the popular reality shows in Telugu. The OTT version is currently creating a big sensation across the Telugu states. Interestingly, the arrival of families is being witnessed on the TV show now.

For the past two days, the luxury budget task and the arrival of the families segment is underway and it has come to an end today.

*Teachers & Students*
In the current episode, some more housemates turned teachers.

Bindu Madhavi – Cooking Teacher
Akhil – Love Guru
Mitraw – Drama Teacher
Siva – English Teacher

*Arrival of Families*
– Hamida’s brother has come to meet her. Hamida was expecting her brother last season itself but it did not happen and hence, she is happy for him this season. Hamida’s brother complimented everyone that they are performing very well and did not raise any negative points.

– Anil’s sister Swathi also came to the house. She is full of energy. She asked Anil to open up more and also take a stand for his friends Bindu and Siva. She also imitated some of the other inmates and it was very entertaining.

– Bindu’s father Bhaskar is the last one to arrive at the house. He is very polite and has blessed all the housemates by giving positive reviews about their performances in the house. It filled a lot of positivity in the house.

We will be witnessing an elimination next episode! We have to see who will come out of the house.