BB Non-Stop: Ep 50: You Are Not My Captain!BB Non-Stop is one of the exciting reality shows in Telugu. Akkineni Nagarjuna is the host of the TV show. The house has witnessed a new captain now. Ashu Reddy took charge as the captain and took the responsibility from Akhil. This captaincy task has put the house on fire again!

*You are Not My Captain*
You Are not my Captain is the task given by Bigg Boss. The housemates will have to stab the vest of the captaincy contenders and declare that they can’t be the house captain. All the participants tried to strike deals with the contenders.

The following are the picks by the housemates.

Sravanthi – Siva
Ariyana – Hamida
Mahesh – Mumait
Mitra – Mumait
Ajay – Hamida
Anil – Mumait
Akhil – Siva
Bindu – Ashu
Natraj – Hamida

In the end, Ashu got less stabs and she has become the captain of the house.

*Mumait vs Mahesh*
Mahesh picked Mumait because she stole his things during the task. However, Mumait argued that Mahesh was being diplomatic and not picking others. Mahesha argued that he was hurt because of Mumait and so he picked her.

*Mumait vs Mitra*
Mitra revealed that Mumait was weak among the contenders. Mumait argued that Mitra is fake from the head to toe. Mitra did not react at all but cried later.

*Hamida vs Ajay*
Ajay picked Hamida for the task and she was upset for the same. She argued that Ajay as playing the game as a group. Ajay did not like that comment and picked up an argument with Hamida.

*Gamechanger Natraj*
Natraj master changed the game in the ending. He gave reactions that he is going to stab Siva but he did not do that and in the end, stabbed Hamida. Hamida was planning to become the captain but her hopes got ruined.

*Siva upset with Bindu*
Bindu was Sanchalak in the task. Siva was upset with her that she did not pick the order in which housemates have to participate in the task.