BB Non-Stop: Ep 49: Bindu Madhavi fights with Akhil againBB Non-Stop is one of the most interesting reality shows in the OTT space currently. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the show host. The captaincy contenders’ task for this week is currently in progress in the house.

*Siva’s teasing game with Ariyana*
Ariyana was planning to steal coins of Hamida. She went to the washroom to search some places and in the process, she was not very careful about her coins. Taking it as an advantage, Siva stole her coins and teased Ariyana. Later, he came to a deal with him that he will somehow supply the parts to her but will not return her the coins.

*Ariyana vs Bindu*
Bindu wanted to be the game changer and tried to steal the parts that Ariyana secured. Ariyana decided to get physical in the task and tried to get them back from Bindu. In the meantime, Mahesh stole all the parts that Ariyana secured.

*Akhil vs Bindu*
Akhil was supporting Ashu Reddy in the task. Bindu tried to destroy Ashu’s robots but Akhil came to protect them. In the process, Bindu passed a statement that Akhil is playing a group game to which Akhil disagreed and made some counter statements.

*One-Sided Game*
Bindu was not in the game from the beginning itself. Later, Ariyana quit the race. As the game neared completion, it had become one-sided and everyone decided to support Ashu.

*Sravanthi gets cornered by Akhil & Ajay*
Sravanthi has been sweet with Akhil and Ajay from the beginning. She has been taking care of them. However, as Mumait stepped in, the game has changed. Akhil and Ajay started showing unfair treatment towards Sravanthi which hurt her. Even in the current game, she was cornered by them. She had witnessed the exchange of coins between Akhil and Ajay which she informed to Sanchalak, at his request. Akhil and Ajay found fault with the same.

*Out of Race*
Bindu, Sravanthi, Mitra, and Ariyana were declared out of the race because they failed to procure maximum coins and Robots.

*Captaincy Contenders*
Hamida, Siva, Mumait Khan and Ashu Reddy