Bigg Boss Non Stop Telugu Episode 33Bigg Boss Non-Stop is currently in the fourth week. Akkineni Nagarjuna is the show’s host. The reality show is streaming non-stop 24/7 on Disney+ Hotstar. The captaincy contender task is in progress in the house.

*Siva steals likes from Ariyana*
When Ariyana was sleeping, Siva stole her likes and remained silent. When Ariyana asked everyone about the same, Siva also mentioned that he did not steal them. However, he later felt guilty and gave back the likes to her.

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*Natraj feels discouraged and cheated*
Natraj master stayed awake in the night to grab the likes that fell on the shed. He collected them with great difficulty. He was on a mission to be a part of the captaincy contender task. However, during the game, his cloth fell down in which there are more than 20 likes. Hamida immediately grabbed it and remained silent. Despite Natraj asking for the same, Hamida showed no response. Natraj felt discouraged and slapped himself out of anger.

*Super Like & Killer Like*
Anil bagged the Super Like with which his likes got doubled. Mahesh got Killer-like because of which he has given half of his likes to Sarayu.

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*Fight For Followers*
This is the second level of the captaincy contenders task. In this game, there are three segments Comedy, Drama, and Romance. The housemates will have to perform skits and impress the housemates to bag Follow badges. The housemate who gets the least follow badges will be out of the game.

Comedy: Tejaswi, Bindu Madhavi, and Siva performed a comedy task, on the lines of a popular TV show that solves the family issues between the couples.

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Drama: Natraj, Sarayu, Anil, Hamida, and Ariyana performed the task where they showed how the young generation is pushing the parents to old-age homes despite the parents sacrificing everything for their well-being.

Romance: Ashu, Ajay, Akhil, and Mitra performed the task where they tried to show the difference between love and lust.

The following is the score of the housemates by the end of the level.

Siva: 9
Ajay: 5
Akhil: 4
Nattaj: 4
Ashu: 4
Teju: 3
Hamida: 2
Sarayu: 2
Ariyana: 2
Anil: 1
Bindu: 0

Bindu and Anil are out of the game. Since Anil is captain, he picked Sarayu to send her to the next level as her score got tied with two other inmates. Mahesh who was already eliminated also came into the game again.