BB Non Stop: Ep 30: RJ Chaitu predicts Mitra's eviction in Week 4RJ Chaitu was eliminated from Bigg Boss house in the third week. Chaitu said that it is shocking to come across this bitter truth. After getting eliminated, he participated in the Bigg Boss Buzz, hosted by Bigg Boss Season 5 participant Ravi.

In their exclusive chat, Chaitu shared about Nataraj’s humiliating behaviour towards him about his weight. He also saw the video of Mumaith Khan talking about him and said that he is always genuine and never faked his character throughout his journey.

Chaitu selected Shravanthi, Nataraj, Ajay, Ashu, and Mithra as the worst contestants in the Bigg Boss house.

The evicted contestant also picked Teju, Hamida, Shiva, Bindu, Akhil, Anil, Sarayu, Ariyana, and Mahesh as the best contestants.

Chaitu took the pictures of Ashu, Teju, Shiva, Bindu, Mahesh, Hamida, Akhil, Ariyana, Anil, Sarayu and tore the pictures of the others.

Chaitu gave mahanati badge to Mithra, attitude to Akhil, Bakara to Shiva, backstab to Shravanthi, krack to Natataj, no brain to Sarayu, fidaa to Bindu.

Chaitu gave Mr. Majnu badge to Shiva too, liar to Mithra, tiger to Teju, mahanati to Ashu, and game over to Mithra.

Chaitu said that he wants to see Mithra’s game to end next week!