BB Non Stop: Ep 27: Secret Task lands Siva in PrisonBigg Boss OTT is clearly keeping the audience hooked. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the host of the reality show, named Bigg Boss Non-Stop. The show is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. The third week has come to an end, and the house also has got a new captain.

*Morning Activity*
As part of the morning activity, the inmates are asked to dance in the swimming pool. Starting from Mahesh, all the inmates danced in the pool.

*Body-Shaming Trigger*
Ariyana made a funny remark on Sarayu’s body which did not go well. Ariyana said, “Nuvvu naduchukuntu vasthe, Bhookampam vachinatlu untundi. Nuvvu Pumpkin laga untav.” Ariyana later told Sarayu that she made those comments out of friendship and on a funny note. Sarayu cried but told Ariyana that she does not want to make an issue out of the same.

*Luxury Budget Task*
In the luxury budget task, the inmates scored only fewer points. We have to see what will they earn with the same.

*Best Performer of the Week*
The house unanimously picked Mitra as the Best performer of the week.

*Worst Performer of the Week*
Bigg Boss asked the housemates to pick the worst housemate and put a stamp on their face.

Chaitu – Mitra
Hamida – Anil
Mahesh – Anil
Tejaswi – Siva
Natraj – Siva
Mitra – Anil
Akhil – Siva
Sravanthi – Siva
Ariyana – Siva
Bindu – Siva
Anil – Siva
Sarayu – Anil
Ajay – Siva
Ashu – Chaitu
Siva – Sarayu

Finally, Siva, who received a maximum number of votes was sent to prison.