Banking on Rashmi Gautam's Skin-Show Again!Going by the trailer of ‘Anthaku Minchi’ featuring Jabardast anchor Rashmi, Jai and Suneel Kashyap in the lead, we understand that it is going to be a routine and substandard horror movie. The only thing that attracts the viewers in the trailer is Rashmi.

Looks like, the makers are banking on the glamour and the popularity of Rashmi and using her skin show, big time. Rashmi is as seductive as we have seen in one of the earlier movies and there seem to be some bold scenes in ‘Anthaku Minchi’. Like the title which means ‘more than that’, there is nothing more than Rashmi in the trailer.

The other lead characters fail to register and the lead actor Jai is totally unimpressive with regard to his expressionless face. However, Rashmi’s fans will be delighted to watch her skin show on the big screen, once again. Check the trailer below and let’s know if we contradict with us about Rashmi’s glamour show.