Bankable Actor - Director Keeps Prabhas Fans RelaxedMalayalam superstar Prithviraj Sukumaran is promoting his upcoming film Kaduva these days, but all are interested in his role in Prabhas’ much-awaited Salaar. Confirming the same, Prithviraj said that he is working out his dates to accommodate Salaar in his lineup.

When asked about Salaar during a promotional interview, Prithviraj said that Prashanth Neel narrated the script to him almost two years back, and he was mighty impressed by the story. He said, “It’s a kick-ass script, and as a director myself, I can’t wait to see Prabhas in it.”

Prithviraj, who is also a director, gained prominence among the Telugu audience during the Covid times when some of his films created an impact on OTT platforms. Ayyapanum Koshiyum, Kuruthi, Bro Daddy, and Jana Gana Mana are some of the films which were loved by the Telugu audience.

So hearing Prithviraj say extremely positive things about Salaar, Prabhas fans are relaxed. They are saying that Prithviraj is a sensible actor and director, and his judgment about Salaar’s script can’t be at fault.

Prithviraj also said that Salaar is mounted on a huge canvas, and it requires many days to shoot such a big film. Salaar is targeting the Summer 2023 release.