Bangaru Kodipetta ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Entertains in parts.

“U/A” Certified.

So_So Rating

Bangaru Kodipetta Review
What is “Bangaru Kodipetta” about?
A boy runs away from his village and lives in city delivering Pizza with the hope of becoming a hero one day. A girl has domestic issues and wants to move away from it and settle in her own apartment. A brother is deep neck in debts and is ready to do anything to get it cleared. Finally there is a boss who plans to steal a van with his employee. How all these individual stories come together is what Bangaru Kodi Petta is all about.

How is Navdeep’s performance?
Navadeep is fine and lends value to his role which otherwise could have been boring. It’s not much in terms of acting but he provides great chemistry with Swathi that entertains.

Bangaru Kodipetta Review
What about Raj Pippalla’s direction?
Direction by Raj Pippala is assured. He narrated what he wants to narrate in a very confident manner. However there is nothing much available for him in terms of story to narrate despite having that many characters. He spends more time of the back stories of these characters and very little after its done. As a result a mismatch is felt in that we do feel for the characters but how they resolve their problems doesn’t feel that satisfactory. There is a feeling of dissatisfaction in the end despite the predictable happy ending and that is the film’s biggest undoing.

Bangaru Kodipetta Review
Swathi and other artists performance?
Swathi is fine as usual and hers is the best act in the film. She makes her character believable and likeable at the same time while at the same time providing the fun as well. Santosh has a character that gets our sympathies and he delivers a decent performance. He is fine in the scene when he is told the truth regarding his chances of being a hero. Harshavardhan is bankable as always. He makes the simple character that he is given interesting. Ram Lakshman fight masters too are present in the film but they have nothing really to act although the natural brotherly bond they share does come across. Baby Sanchalana is good.

Bangaru Kodipetta Review
How is Music, Songs and other departments?
Mahesh Shankar’s music is decent at best. Thankfully it’s used in bits and pieces or as background song for montage shots which means one isn’t really bothered about them that much to be effected. Cinematography and editing is alright.

Bangaru Kodipetta Review

Predictable end
Too simple resolution of problems.

Bangaru Kodipetta Review
What about the box office performance of the film?
The film has few positives that might appeal to the A center audience but the storyline involving money at center of it all has been overused recently which might prove to be a major deterrent for the film. A lot depends on the other releases though.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes in parts.

Will you recommend it?
With reservations.


So_So Rating
Reviewed by Siddhartha