Bangarraju Blockbuster Meet Is Jagan's Thanks Meet?King Nagarjuna is the first celebrity to have extended indirect support for the Jagan Government in the issue of Ticket rates. Nagarjuna’s stand has got him criticism but given his personal and business relations, the star did not back off. The Government also reciprocated it.

There were hiked rates for Bangarraju across Andhra Pradesh while officials resorted to raids during Pushpa and Shyam Singha Roy days. The Government even postponed the Night Curfew and 50% occupancy until after Sankranthi helped the film big time.

Now to thank the Government for the help, the buzz is that Nagarjuna has invited Cinematography Minister Perni Nani to attend Bangarraju Blockbuster meet happening today evening at Margani Estates Ground, Rajahmundry. At a time, when weddings are also allowed only with 200 guests, allowing a public event has come under criticism.

“In a way, Bangarraju Blockbuster meet is a Thanks meet for Jagan,” people on social media ridicule.