Bandla's Insulting Comments On Megastar & SuperstarBandla Ganesh is famous for his no-holds-barred statements (some call it ‘noti doola’) when it comes to speeches on stage. He doesn’t hesitate to ruffle some feathers while speaking his heart out.

Following his own trend this evening, Bandla Gandla lashed at the pre-release event of director Puri Jagannadh’s son Akash Puri’s Chor Bazaar.

Incidentally, Puri Jagannadh skipped the pre-release event as he is busy shooting for his new film, JGM, in Mumbai. Disappointed about the same, Bandla Ganesh speaking at the pre-release event, said that Puri made many star kids as Superstars and Megastars, but he has no time to attend the event of his own son’s film.

He said that Puri had made superstars out of many who didn’t even know how to utter dialogues; he groomed many megastars who didn’t even know how to dance. But he is not promoting his own son, which is unfair, Bandla said.

Intentionally or unintentionally, Bandla Ganesh has ignited a fire among fans of Megastar and Superstar. On social media, fans of both the clans are firing on Bandla.

Even a few industry sources are breathing fire on Bandla Ganesh’s comments and claiming him as someone who tilts where the wind blows. But that is Bandla, he may be politically incorrect, but he definitely connects with the masses, positively or negatively.

Chor Bazaar is releasing on June 24th. Akash Puri, who hasn’t had a big success in his career as a hero, is pinning all his hopes on this crime comedy and is positive that the film will leave a mark at the box office. Director Jeevan Reddy also claimed that the film is a full-on entertainer, unlike his past films Dalam and George Reddy.