Bandla-Ganesh's-Looking-Towards-Trivikram-SrinivasJust the mention of Bandla Ganesh reminds us of the numerous controversies and his over-the-top dialogues including his recent comments on director Harish Shankar for not mentioning his name celebrating 8 years of ‘Gabbar Singh’.

In the most recent interview to a Telugu television channel, Bandla Ganesh brushed off the controversy saying that it was just a simple quarrel like it commonly happens among the family members.

He sarcastically said, Harish Shankar was a great director but the one film he did with Harish Shankar was enough for him (Bandla) to be satisfied. He vowed that there would never be another film with the director.

Well, that explains that animosity between them. Though he acted in ‘Sarileru Neekevvaru’ recently, he isn’t interested in acting anymore. He hoped big-time that Trivikram will eventually give him a movie and life in Tollywood.