bandla-ganesh-pawan kalyan bheemla nayakBandla Ganesh makes it a point to praise Pawan Kalyan to the sky whenever he gets the chance to do so. It is almost a customary tradition for Bandla to give ‘PK Bhajana’ speeches at the pre-release events of Pawan Kalyan’s films.

But this time around, Bandla might not be getting the chance to heap praises on Pawan, whom he fondly refers to as Devara. It is reported that Bandla was not even invited to the Bheemla Nayak pre-release event which is set to be held tomorrow, 21st February.

Now, Bandla Ganesh has shared an interesting quote on his Twitter handle. “Overtly believing, overtly loving, overtly expecting, and overtly opening up often result in deep pain.” The statement read.

Well, Bandla has always been an ardent follower of Pawan Kalyan and he used to express his love towards the latter in the most striking way possible. And all of a sudden, it is reported that Bandla will not be attending Bheemla event.

Amidst rumors that Bandla was not even invited for Bheemla Nayak event, albeit for undisclosed reasons, Bandla’s cryptic social media post has become a hot topic.