Bandla Targets Young Heroes With PK BhajanaBandla Ganesh, a self-proclaimed devotee of Pawan Kalyan, is always eager to find an opportunity to shower praises on his demi-god.

It reminds us of Trivikram’s famous dialogue, ‘Akkada Space Ledu Kani Tesukonnadu.’ Bandla brings Pawan’s topic even in unnecessary situations leading to troll stuff for the other hero fans.

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Recently he posted pics of Adivi Sesh and Siddhu Jonnalagadda at the pre-release event of Saakini Daakini and started targetting them for their sitting without any humility and respect for others. He compared them with some Pawan Kalyan pics where he was sitting with folded hands and legs.

Soon after Bandla posted the pictures on Twitter and asked the young heroes to learn discipline from Pawan Kalyan on how to behave at public events, other heroes fans posted Pawan’s pictures in which he is seen sitting in a relaxed mood with his legs spread out.

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It’s high time Bandla realizes the fact that his over Bhajana of Pawan Kalyan is bringing only shame and embarrassment for Pawan Kalyan and his fans.

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