Bandla ganesh janasenaBandla Ganesh is an ardent fan of Pawan Kalyan. The actor-cum-producer has reiterated his fanaticism for Pawan Kalyan on numerous occasions. In fact, from chanting slogans for Pawan to touching his feet, Bandla has done everything to show his love for the actor.

But the million-dollar question is why did Bandla Ganesh happen to join Congress instead of Jana Sena. Bandla Ganesh has thrown light on this aspect. “I have always liked Pawan Kalyan. More than being a fan, I have immense gratitude towards him and it will always be there within me towards him,” adds Bandla.

“I can’t explain why I like Pawan. Do you have an answer to why do you like your parents? So is the case with me towards him, Having said that I didn’t join Jana Sena. Right from the initial days, I have been a supporter of Congress. I don’t like myself joining one party, and jumping to another party. Being a supporter of Congress I want to be faithful to one party. Irrespective of that I am a well-wisher of Pawan,” concludes Bandla.

Meanwhile, Bandla Ganesh had quit active politics after the loss of the Congress party in the 2018 Telangana Assembly elections.