Bandla Ganesh Knows How To Play Kabaddi With Fans PulseBandla Ganesh has mastered the act of driving Pawan Kalyan’s fans into a state of frenzy. The way he ‘elevates’ Pawan Kalyan with his speeches at public events is unparalleled.

Now, Bandla has delivered a super positive news for Pawan Kalyan’s fans. Earlier today, Bandla, who produced Pawan’s blockbuster film Gabbar Singh announced that he would be permitting and providing master prints for 100 special shows of the film in cinema halls across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The special shows are scheduled for 2nd September, marking Pawan Kalyan’s birthday. Soon after Bandla announced the same, Pawan’s fans on Twitter flooded him with requests to permit special screenings in theaters in their respective areas.

Generally, acquiring permission and sourcing prints for special screenings are hectic jobs for fans. But Bandla Ganesh readily obliged to the requests of Pawan’s fans. He asked Pawan’s fans to book cinema halls for one show on 2nd September and approach him and assured that he would be permitting the screening of the film.

Bandla’s assurance about special screenings of Gabbar Singh is leaving Pawan’s fans elated. Well, Bandla surely knows how to play Kabaddi with fans pulse and here’s a clear example of the same.