Bandla Ganesh's Desperate Damage Control?The other day, an audio went viral on social media. A fan is trying to persuade Bandla Ganesh to come to Bheemla Nayak Pre-release event and deliver an electrifying speech. The other man (voice resembling Bandla) claims that he is not invited yet.

He also makes objectionable comments on Trivikram saying that he collided with YSR Congress and is insecure of getting overshadowed etc. We could not verify the authenticity of the audio and Bandla Ganesh is yet to make a statement.

But then, Bandla ever since the leak happened is on a overdrive on Twitter showering praises on Pawan Kalyan. Social media folks are suspicious about this barage of tweets and they suspect that he is trying to do the damage control with these tweets to divert media attention.

On the other hand, it is already known that Bheemla Nayak Pre-release event that should happen later today got postponed due to the sudden demise of AP IT Minister Mekapati Gautham Reddy.