NTR-Bandla-GaneshAfter the success of ‘Temper’ one naturally expects producer Bandla Ganesh to be one happiest man in the film industry letting bygones be bygones. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Bandla. In an interview to a popular Telugu channel he was found indirectly expressing his displeasure on Jr.NTR in an implicit way.

When Bandla was asked why he didn’t speak high on NTR as he does in case of other heroes, he tried to give a diplomatic answer. But when the interviewer kept persisting if Bandla didn’t find NTR as inspiring as mega heroes, instead of giving a straight answer, Bandla kept on narrating the anecdote involving how Ram Charan didn’t press him for his balance remuneration when GAV was due for release next day.

Coming to NTR’s topic, Bandla tried to generalise on his heroes saying that he always paid his heroes full remuneration and only then got the film released (of course Ram Charan & Pawan Kalyan are exceptions). He connected to Ram Charan and compared every question related to NTR to Ram Charan. He even passed a statement that Cherry is 200% greater than his father.

Besides making obvious that there had been differences with ‘Temper’ hero, Bandla Ganesh spoke extensively how he banks upon only top 5 big heroes in the industry banking on only big movies which are comparitively a safer bet. He clearly stated that he isn’t interested in making message-oriented movies as he is in the industry to make money.