Bandla Continues His Off-Line AgitationBandla Ganesh boasts himself as a big Pawan Kalyan fan and praises him to no extent in several film events. He is now kicked out of the Pawan Kalyan camp and things were confirmed when Bandla was nowhere seen at the pre-release event of Bheemla Nayak that was held last night in Hyderabad.

In one of the phone conversations leaked with a fan, Bandla was heard saying that Trivikram is not allowing him to the event and went on to abuse him in filthy language. Bandla even tells the fan to shout his slogans when Pawan comes on to the stage and he will somehow appear at the event.

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There were a few fans who kept on shouting Bandla’s name at the event. Even after the audio leak and the whole world heard him abusing Trivikram he strangely tweeted this video and wrote “Thank you for your love”.

Seeing all this, one thing is pretty sure that Bandla is indeed out of the camp. Losing a close association with Pawan and a big director like Trivikram is a dumb move. He will regret it.

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