Balayya's Political entry a big success?
Nandamuri Balakrishna finally made his political entry from Hindupur. The actor had mostly concentrated on Anantapur district this time which is the only district of Rayalaseema in which TDP had pinned hopes of making a mark. TDP fans are happy that the actor’s presence in the district had huge influence on all the constituencies of Anantapur. They say they are going to win all the seven constituencies under Hindupur Parliament.

They also have the calculation of winning Hindupur Parliament with record majority. Even the candidates are openly declaring that Balakrishna’s presence in the district had helped them immensely. TDP’s early estimates say they are going to win nine to eleven seats in Anantapur district which will immensely boost their chances of forming government in Seema Andhra.

Balakrishna also campaigned in the three districts of Uttara Andhra in this elections. Experts say Telugu Desam Party had performed very well in these districts and will be bagging majority seats here. In such case, Balayya’s stature in TDP will be increased by several folds. May be a ministry is on cards if Telugu Desam Party goes on to form the government!