Balayya Veera Simha ReddyNandamuri Balakrishna’s Veera Simha Reddy‘s political dialogues have become the talk of the town in Telugu states. In an episode in the first half of the film, the government which is shown favoring the villains tries to sell off a factory giving employment to so many people.

Balayya’s powerful dialogue comparing ‘Development and Demolition’ received a sensational response from the audience.

Balayya also says, “Prajalu Mimmalni Kurcheelu Ekkincharu Kabatti Manam Gauravinchali’. These dialogues took a direct hit at the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh which has made their party leaders squirm in their seats.

Now Balayya was asked about his opinion on the dialogues he delivered in the film. Balayya said, “Whatever I said in the film is nothing different from the people’s opinion. I just said what everyone is going through in Andhra Pradesh. There is zero development in AP and there is an emergency kind of situation in the state. Films and people are not different.”