Balayya Will Go The Salman Way or The Chiru Way?There are rumors floating in the industry that Nandamuri Balakrishna will be hosting the controversial show Bigg Boss next season.

NTR made quite an impact on the audience during the first season as the host. That magic couldn’t be replicated by Nani or Nagarjuna. The common public opinion is that both are too soft and gentle for a show like Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss (Hindi) became such a big hit because Salman Khan owned the show. His off-screen persona of a kind-hearted brat worked well for the show. On many occasions, his reactions were impromptu and were not part of the script. He has blasted the contestants without any inhibitions. He brings a part of his own persona to the show, which seems real.

Balakrishna has all the qualities to make a solid host of a show like Bigg Boss. He is also popular for his frankness and impromptu reactions. He is also someone who can be endearing and intimidating at the same time, which will work well for the show. He can also own the show and not just follow the script that is given to him. We have seen how good he is interacting with stars on the Unstoppable show.

But we don’t know how Balayya will connect with common people or not-so-big celebs on a show like Bigg Boss. On Unstoppable show, Balayya has stars to support him, but on Bigg Boss, the contestants come from different strata of society.

Chiranjeevi has a great personality and is a charmer, but when he hosted the Evaru Meelo Koteeswarudu, he came across as fake and couldn’t connect with the common audience.

So if at all Balayya is selected as the host for the next season of Bigg Boss, it will be exciting to see if he will go the Salman Khan way or the Chiranjeevi way.