Balakrishna devansh rare photoBalakrishna is welcoming 2016 with open arms as for him it has been a harbinger of good news and happiness. This is partly due to his 99th film titled Dictator which is going to be released tomorrow.

On the personal side, Balakrishna is the doting grandfather to his grandson Devansh who is adding something special to his life. In Balakrishna’s words, he becomes a child when himself when he is with Devansh. They are both very excited around each another. On the contrary, Devansh’s other grandfather, N. Chandrababu Naidu, who is the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is more of a calm person and has been nicknamed ‘Silent Thatha.’

Balakrishna even show his grandson all his films. Even though he doesn’t understand much what is going on he still tries to explain. In fact the actor tells everyone to “leave Devansh with me for 10 years because I want to teach him so many things.”