Nandamuri BalakrishnaIt wasn’t long ago when we heard stories about Nandamuri Balakrishna taking a violent turn and beating his fans. He had some temper issues, and due to this, there was an aura of fear around him. Despite his bad behavior, fans never complained, and some even felt proud to get beaten by the legend.

But all that now has changed, it seems. Nandamuri Balakrishna has now realized that being accessible to his fans, helping them, nurturing them, and treating them with respect is the best mantra to win their hearts.

Balakrishna recently helped a cancer patient from Anantapur, which he got to know from one of his fans.

And according to the latest reports, Balayya again showed his generous nature when he invited one of his fans to Hyderabad, who got hurt while putting up banners of his latest film Veera Simha Reddy in Nandyala. He personally met him and asked about his injury and health.

The phenomenal success of his talk show, Unstoppable, is also cited as one of the reasons for the remarkable change in his attitude. He has finally understood that nothing can be more overpowering than love and warmth.