Balayya In 'Nannu Chusi Edavaku Raa' Mode!After scoring a blockbuster with Akhanda, Nandamuri Balakrishna made his OTT debut with Aha Video’s Unstoppable with NBK. The star has taken everyone by surprise with his excellent hosting skills. He is spontaneous and witty while talking to the guests. It is easily the biggest hit for Aha Video to date.

But then, YSR Congress-affiliated media is finding it tough to digest this success. It has started stories about how Balakrishna has forgotten that he is the MLA of Hindupur and is busy with Talk Shows and films ignoring the people of the constituency. They also try to magnify the local election results that are obtained by brute force to belittle Balakrishna.

But then, this is always the case with Balakrishna and the YSR Congress media ecosystem. We have seen them unleash a vicious campaign against him between 2014-19 to defeat him at any cost. All those stunts backfired completely with the voters of Hindupur.

But Balakrishna has won the 2019 elections with an even better majority than what he got in 2014. “That will be the case with 2024 elections as well. Even though Balayya is not physically available in Hindupur always, he takes care of the people than any other MLA in the state. He should erect a board with the message ‘Nannu Chusi Edavaku Raa’ right in front of his house,” a TDP leader said to us.