Balayya-Excited-About-Nandamuri-Tony-Stark-LookEven the die-hard fans of Balakrishna don’t seem to be so excited for his upcoming movie ‘Ruler‘, maybe, because of the combination with the director and also due to the very low buzz on the movie.

The teaser and the trailer made it very clear what to expect from the movie and what not to expect. So, there might not be many surprises. However, Balakrishna himself is excited about his different look in the movie.

He was fondly narrating the incident when he was called ‘Nandamuri Tony Stark’ at an airport for his look in the movie. Well, that’s not the only look. There is another look also for Balayya in ‘Ruler’.

It’s not about the look in the movie, but the content that would rather decide whether the movie would be an entertainer or not. One never knows when it is Balayya as the hero as even a routine pot-boiler sometimes springs a big surprise.