Balayya Calls Allu Aravind PottoduNandamuri Balakrishna has knack of delivering attention-grabbing speeches. There is always some masala when he wields the mic and starts delivering his speech. He has done the same at an event organised by Aha Video to publicize the arrival of ‘Unstoppable’, a celebrity talk show that will be hosted by Balakrishna.

Speaking at the event, Balayya called Allu Aravind ‘Pottodu’, all in good spirits though. He also cited an intriguing reason behind the same.

“There are several top OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Allu Aravind has shown that we Telugu people too can operate a winning OTT platform and the success story of Aha shows the same.” He said. Balayya then added a Telugu proverb, saying “Pottivaalaki Puttedu Buddhulu ani(short people have diverse skill set),” while referring to Allu Aravind.

Adding further, Balayya said “Legendary Allu Ramalingaiah garu shared a very close rapport with my parents. One day, Ramalingaiah garu asked my mother if that bandodu(Sr NTR) is causing any trouble, in a comical way though. Only Ramalingaiah garu had such close bonding and affinity to address my father Sr NTR that way,” Balakrishna said.

As for Balakrishna’s ‘Unstoppable’ talk show premieres on 4th November.