Yes, if our Balayya Babu aka Balakrishna is considered as one and only artist in Telugu Film Industry who can play epic characters like Sri Rama and Sri Krishna, then the credit to conceive the idea and show Balayya Babu as Lord Sri Rama in ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ goes to Bapu and Ramana. Bapu directed the film for Balakrishna which went on to become a lesson for the present generation on one of our epic ‘Ramayana’.

Today, during the festival season of Sri Rama Navami, it is Balayya’s poster we see as Sri Rama in Telugu homes on our television sets. Naturally, when Balayya Babu heard the news of the demise of the great cartoonist and painter who turned cine director, the actor left the shooting spot instantly for paying his last visit to the iconic person. For Balakrishna, the loss of the great personality is like losing his right arm. Even legendary NTR had a good rapport with Bapu and appointed him as State Vidhwan (Asthana Vidhwan) during his tenure as CM of Andhra Pradesh.