Balakrishna-shradda-das-song-photosThe mere mention of the name of some celebs in the industry demands respect and warns others to be in their limits. Balakrishna is one among those big celebs who by the virtue of his work in the industry has become a ‘Legend’. So when an actress gets a chance to shake a leg with a person of the stature of Balayya, being nervous is the most obvious thing.

When actress Shraddha Das had to put her hand on Balayya’s cheeks, she was so scared. But the senior actor made her feel free and asked her to put her hands on his cheeks firmly and confidently. Sharaddha Das was too nervous when she got a chance to do an item number ‘Tingo Tingo’ for ‘Dictator’ dancing alongside Balakrishna.

She was very scared and to do everything right and not to mess up things, she heard the song several hundreds of times and rehearsed her dance movements thoroughly. Though initially she was scared, her experience with the actor told her he is a sweet man and has lots of patience.