Balakrishna's Straight-Forward Question To Industry BiggiesThere are rumors that Nandamuri Balakrishna is indirectly supporting Manchu Vishnu in MAA elections. The actor has responded to these rumors in an interview. “No one approached me about the elections. I am least bothered. I am concerned about the society, my constituency, and cancer hospital,” he said.

“I only have one question to ask. Keep the local and non-local issues aside. I am not bothered. My only question is why we are not able to construct a building for MAA association even after these many years. We even had fundraisers in the US. What is happening to the donations collected so far?” he asked.

“We are a glamor industry, it is not right to discuss over problems in public. They are hobnobbing with Telangana Government. Will they not give one-acre land if we ask? If Vishnu comes forward to construct a building MAA, I will play my part as well. They are magnifying the elections as if National politics,” the actor added.

Balakrishna is very right on this issue and he also raised the right questions. Those who were in power until now should answer them.