Balakrishna's-Son-Mokshagna,-a-Loner!Don’t know how far it was true, but according to a report in an English tabloid, Balakrishna’s son Mokshagna is spotted visiting a particular coffee shop in Film Nagar. What was baffling wasn’t his visit but his solitude.

The report says that the people who frequent the coffee shop were left wondering if this was the kid who would be making his debut as a Nandamuri scion. He was said to be seen sitting there alone and thinking. No friends to hang out with him.

There was a video bite that surfaced a couple of months ago showing a pooja ceremony in which Mokshagna was spotted along with his parents. He looked nowhere a hero material to carry on the legacy of his illustrious grandfather.

This latest report leaves one wondering and raises doubts about Mokshagna’s readiness to make his Tollywood debut. So, if he has been in Hyderabad now, is something happening about his debut?