Balakrishna's Dream Not Possible Without Her HelpDuring the Dhamki trailer launch event, Balakrishna announced he will direct the sequel to the much-acclaimed sci-fi action drama Aditya 369 in 2023.

Aditya 369 is a cult film that is loved even today by people of all age groups. The film was way ahead of its times, technically and also content-wise.

Today cinema and the technology used in it have progressed so much that the sequel to Aditya 369 must be made with the highest technical values or else people will reject it.

Balakrishna is a chip off the old block and his sensibilities are a bit old-fashioned. We don’t know how much he is technically advanced to supervise the VFX, set designs, and other departments of the sequel.

He is not even present on social media so there are chances that he might not know how minutely people have started analyzing the CGI and VFX of a film. He should know that just having a strong script isn’t enough these days.

Balakrishna should make sure that his daughter Tejaswini is actively involved in the creative team of the Aditya 369 sequel if he has to make a memorable film.

Nandamuri Tejaswini has been invovled in Aha’s Unstoppable which gave Balayya’s image a makeover. She is someone who can guide him on how to make a film that is technically on par with today’s times.

Let’s hope Aditya 999 (tentative title) proves to be a worthy enough sequel to the classic Aditya 369.