Balakrishna Wife Vasundhara Devi Caught with 10 Lakhs Old NotesPopular Tollywood hero Balayya’s wife was found with about Rupees 10 lakhs carrying in her bag at Renigunta airport. The currency caught was speculated to be black money but soon after the verification, it was clarified that the amount was accounted, as Vasundhara Devi has shown the respective paperwork to the officers.

Mrs. Vasundhara was traveling to Tirumala with six other family members in Spice jet airlines from Hyderabad to Renigunta airport. When officials at airport conducted searches, the cash was found in Mrs. Vasundhara’s handbag. Later when asked she has shown the IT documents pertaining to the cash.

Officers were informed that the family was taking the money as an offering for Tirupati hundi. Meanwhile, the news was spread online as Balayya’s wife was caught with black money at the airport.