Sometimes, things may not work in one’s favor. But, one can be skeptical that everything happens for one’s good that one can’t foresee, now. This perfectly applies to Balakrishna’s movie, the biopic on Sr. NTR. Director Teja walked out of the movie and Balakrishna was said to have decided to direct the movie, himself.

However, after watching the phenomenal success of the well-made biopic ‘Mahanati’ on legendary Savitri that will remain one of the most memorable movies for the years to come, the well-wishers of the Nandamuri hero advised him to take it slow.

Right now, Balakrishna needs a right director who can carry forward the biopic with a lot of passion. Unlike ‘Mahanati’, NTR’s biopic will have certain political color but if well made there wouldn’t be any stopping for the biopic. It’s certainly a prestigious project and one can’t go just by instinct. Hard work, proper research, and passion for the biopic will play a crucial role.