Balakrishna Missed A Blockbuster!Ravi Teja who badly needed a hit bounced back with Gopichand Malineni’s Krack. The film despite initial hiccups rained moolah for the producers. But you will be surprised to know that Ravi Teja’s Krack was supposed to be made with Nandamuri Balakrishna.

Producer C. Kalyan made this startling revelation who said that they bought the remake rights of Tamil film, Sethupathi. It was supposed to star Balakrishna and VV Vinayak was to direct. But for some reasons the film didn’t materialise and the producer went on to make Ruler with Balayya Babu.

When Gopichand narrated the Krack story, C Kalyan said, “You are telling our story. He agreed to it and added that Gopichand took inspiration from the film and fine tuned the script. He did well making suitable changes”. Well, Ravi Teja has entertained the masses but Balakrishna truly missed a blockbuster. Krack would have been a perfect script for Balakrishna as it would suit his image. The film would have been a complete feast to the masses which would have been an out-and-out entertainer to the fans.

Meanwhile, the producer heaped praises on Balakrishna’s personality. C. Kalyan says that Balakrishna is different and doesn’t need sugar-coated language and he doesn’t like such tactics. Balakrishna is a straightforward man and expects the same from others.

“Since Balakrishna doesn’t entertain such things people think twice to approach him to talk about industry rumours. In fact, such liberty is only with me where I approach Balakrishna and inform him about any charity work among other things in the industry,” says C. Kalyan.

It is interesting to say that Balakrishna will be collaborating with Krack director Gopichand after wrapping up Boyapati Srinu’s film. Balakrishna also has a film with Anil Ravipudi and more details are awaited.