Balakrishna Is Turning Superstar KrishnaBalayya is gradually turning senior superstar Krishna when it comes to bailing out his producers and filmmakers. He is doing a film with VV Vinayak just to bail out his producer C Kalyan who suffered losses because of ‘Inttelligent’.

According to the latest update, he might turn the saviour for Puri Jagannadh even. It’s a known thing that Puri suffered huge losses due to his latest directorial ‘Mehbooba’ on which he had invested huge money to bring it to the theatres. The result of the movie is a known thing for us.

Balayya and Puri are good friends right from the time they had collaborated for ‘Paisa Vasool’. From then on, Puri has been singing Balayya’s praises and now, he hopes big time that Balayya will do a movie with him to bail him out of the financial losses incurred on him. Money is not everything for Balayya and he may probably keep his word that he’ll do a film for Puri.